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08Dec2014 More Cardiac Clues in SUDEP

09Dec2014 Case Western to Lead $27M Big Data Analytics Epilepsy Effort  $27.3 million awarded to study SUDEP!

08Dec2014 NIH initiates “Centers Without Walls” to study sudden unexpected death in epilepsy

05Dec2014 Continuing the Global Conversation

02Dec2014 Changing Communication Around SUDEP

03Sep2014 Cancer Research Stumbles upon SUDEP’s Possible Genetic Cause

02Sep2014 Public health burden of SUDEP deserves greater attention

22Jul2014 Skye McCole Bartusiak: potential epilepsy-related death

Another tragedy possibly related to epilepsy. The official cause of death is not known yet; however, the circumstances described in the attached article from CNN sound very familiar to so many of the SUDEP stories we have heard about over the past several months. The Patrick Ring Foundation sends our sincerest condolences to Skye’s family and friends…

Too many lives are being lost at much too young an age. As posted previously, 100,510 years of potential life have been lost in the United States due to SUDEP – 2nd only behind stroke (in neurological disorders).

08Jul2014 Young man dies because he was unable to afford his medication.

This is a sad story about a young man who passed away from SUDEP. When it came time to purchase the medication he needed to control his seizures at a local CVS, he came up short of the $700 it cost to cover the drugs. He passed away that night after suffering from a seizure.

This is one of the reasons we are striving to support causes that assist victims of Epilepsy in affording their medication. No one should ever have to worry about affording medication. Their lives depend on it.

26Feb2013  It’s Time to Talk About SUDEP